Paula Guagliardi
I am a UX/UI Designer who enjoys translating insights from users into products that solve problems and improve people’s lives[...]

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Hemoder is a collaborative app that connects nearby hospitals to improve their diagnostics time using
 a remote rapid differential diagnostics system.

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See case study
oneShot is an experimental app that aims to encourage people to explore and embrace the process behind taking a photo by adding some limitations and removing automatic presets of mobile cameras.

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Read project diary
CMIFR is a clinic center specialized in occupational medicine and work accidents. I develop a strategy to improve the user experience with the clinic through their digital channels.

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See case study
The cyanotype process is an antique photographic process that produces a cyan-blue print due to the reaction of after iron salts UV light.

Blau is an artistic project, homage to Anna Atkins, where I use real plants to create sun printed cyanotypes.

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My design process
Having a design process helps to empathize with users, define better problems, and arrive at more creative solutions.
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